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Titan Medical is a premier sales and marketing organization comprised of healthcare professionals experienced in all aspects of the life science industry.

Our collective expertise and capabilities of the product life cycle from pre-launch preparation to the daily promotional activities will be the catalyst that enhances our client’s cost efficiencies, market responsiveness and ultimate profitability.

 Titan Mission:

  •  To provide healthcare organizations with a premier sales and marketing component that encourages product awareness, access, reimbursement, & utilization through a unique blend of innovation, entrepreneurship and proven industry experience.
  •  To become a major strategic partner in the emergence of new medicines and devices into the healthcare market that treat and improve patient health.
  •  To address the growing market need for outsourced sales and marketing divisions to new entities entering the U.S. market or established manufacturers introducing a new product or extension. We can provide 360˚ assistance with training, promotional material development, compliance, targeted personnel deployment, managed markets, and navigating the governmental process designed to Brand our client’s footprint within the healthcare community.


With the passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), healthcare providers and manufacturers have been placed in an environment of uncertainty and regulatory processes that continue to impose their influence on their corporate business operations.  Organizations, in order to survive in this changing competitive arena, will need to evaluate the impact that the Act has on current business models, outcomes, and resources.

Corporate leaders inherently understand that the healthcare industry is in a dramatic transformation, “business as usual” is no longer an acceptable posture from which to operate. Diminishing profits for existing products and new releases demand that companies streamline and eliminate departments by replacing vital roles with independent external contract organizations.

Operating in this “new normal” means building new sales and marketing models—ones that are easily scalable and able to penetrate a broader set of customers through a wide range of channels at a significantly reduced cost.  Housing and developing massive internal business units to compete in a rapidly changing business climate may no longer be a viable model. Large organizations are too slow and require too much time to get up to speed.

Successful healthcare manufacturers are coming to realize that developing and maintaining a full scale Sales and Marketing Team may be an unnecessary allocation of resources.