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Work Life Balance and Controlling My own Destiny - Bill Mauldin

Bill Mauldin - Albany, GA

I started my medical sales career back in 2004 with a "Big Pharma" company before I transitioned to a "Big Lab" company.  I lived that world for almost a decade and had a lot of success and did pretty well.   I learned about Titan Medical Marketing late 2013 and was really interested in their concept and decided to give it a shot and take the plunge which will turn out to the best professional decision I've ever made.  

With Titan's support, I was able to make that transition from the corporate world to building my own successful business.   I love what I do.  I have been able to create a work life balance that works for my family and I, while building a very successful business.  Titan Medical's support system was the bridge I needed to help me transition from corporate life to business ownership.   

Working with Titan is like working with a great group of friends who want to see you succeed and are always there for support and backup.   However, the key at Titan Medical is self motivation and going to work without anyone holding you accountable.   This place is the opposite of micro-management and that's not for everybody.  However, if you have the ability to sell and can make it happen, Titan Medical is the place to be!   


Dena Ward - Columbia, SC

After spending a great deal of treasured mom time with our daughter from the time she was born in 2003, until she began third grade, I decided I was ready to get back work when her school days became a bit longer. I was really undecided about the path I should take, but my husband’s best friend was in the Medical Field and ran in to a counterpart that was in search of a SC rep for compounding topical pain creams.

Having absolutely no background or training in the medical/pharmaceutical field, I must say I was a bit nervous about even thinking of applying for this type of job. Needless to say, someone took a chance on me and I was given the opportunity to prove myself by calling on the entire state of South Carolina. After a week and a half of training, I knocked on endless doors, cold calling. Every door I opened was a new office and face to me, as I did not have one single medical relationship or call list of potential clients to follow. … Fast forward to March, 2018… To look back on this journey and see where I am today and it amazes me. I am not only still in this same industry today, but feel my job has truly become my passion!

My transition to Titan Medical began in 2015. A former supervisor I worked with at another company and I kept in touch, and he was not only working here at Titan, but loved his job and had a close bond with the folks he was working with and for. Within just a few months of coming on board, I truly knew Titan Medical is not only where I belong, but where I see myself well into the future as our team and company are producing steady growth. This is my home!

Through “Team Titan” I have had the opportunity to learn, grow in my role as a rep and team leader, and diversify my portfolio of products. Titan is always proactively looking for the coolest and latest product lines to keep up with the pace of an ever changing industry to assure we stay on top. If you are a self-motivated person searching for an opportunity for success, but also desire the support of a close nit team that shares these same values, I can confidently say Titan Medical is the place you love and want to be.